Corporate Services

We are able to provide the following services to corporate customers. Call us on 0115 746 9010 and ask for Wendy Adams or email

Care alarm monitoring

The ability to access a 365 day a year 24 hours a day alarm monitoring service provides significant reassurance to older and other vulnerable residents. Our highly skilled call handlers will respond quickly to any community alarm or pull cord activation.

As a provider of more than 2,000 sheltered tenancies, we understand how vital the ability to access immediate and professional help in an emergency is in the provision of an integrated housing support and management service

Nottingham on Call provides this high quality, professional and responsive alarm monitoring service for our own residents and under contract to 16 other local and regional Housing Providers.

We can provide advice on both the most effective way to connect your residents to Nottingham on Call and on the process for transferring your connections from an existing provider.

Mobile Response

For residents of the Greater Nottingham area, Nottingham on Call is able to provide a mobile response service. In cases of a non-medical emergency and where a next of kin is unable to attend we will send one of our trained operatives to assess and deal with the situation.

This service can reduce the risk of un-necessary escalation to the emergency services particularly where there has been ‘no response’ as a result of alarm activation or an unusual pattern of behaviour has been observed.

In addition to this, we can also provide a falls lifting service for uninjured fallers – this service considerably reduces the distress and potential risk of further complications associated with the prolonged ambulance waits regrettably experienced by uninjured fallers

Dial outs and daily welfare calls

Nottingham on Call can do dial outs and welfare calls to individual residents. This can be on occasions when the Warden/Scheme Manager is not available due to annual leave sickness or training or on a regular and ongoing basis. Any issues arising will be escalated in accordance with pre-agreed pathways.

Out of hours services

Our trained call handlers can provide out of hours services for your organisation. Nottingham on Call provide the emergency repairs out of hours service on behalf of Nottingham City Homes and, as a result, are well versed with taking and dealing with complex enquiries from customers.

We also provide the emergency homelessness call response service for Nottingham City Council. Whatever your requirement, it may be cost effective for your business to divert your out of hours calls to Nottingham on Call

Disaster recovery

TSA guidance requires all alarm monitoring services to have a separate disaster recovery site.

For a retaining fee we are able to provide this for other alarm monitoring services and other organisations that rely on a call handling service.

In the case of an emergency or planned system downtime calls can be diverted to Nottingham on Call where our experienced call handlers will deal with enquiries according to pre-agreed protocols. Additional charges will be levied dependent on the volume of calls that are diverted.