Hospital discharge

We know that being discharged from hospital can be a real worry for both you and your family. Every-day tasks which we take for granted before admission, can become difficult or impossible during recovery. Sometimes these struggles can even become permanent if the patient has suffered a life-changing injury or illness.

Returning home can sometimes end up being an uphill struggle for everyone concerned. With years of experience in this kind of scenario, we have a fantastic range of equipment which can support you and your family’s needs after a hospital visit.


Fay’s story

Fay was admitted to hospital with an acute infection. Having lived a completely independent life before her hospital admission, Fay suddenly found herself struggling with tasks which she had taken for granted before becoming ill. This left Fay worrying about her return home and the impact these physical changes could have on her independence.

We could help…

Nottingham on Call was recommended to Fay, by a family friend who she confided these worries to. We assessed Fay and anticipated what her new requirements might be when she returned home. We provided her with a lifeline – which gave Fay instant the peace of mind that emergency help would be available to her at the touch of a button; 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This meant that Fay was able to make the transition back into her home and can now live independently with confidence.


Hassan’s story

Hassan has a degenerative illness which has caused him to spend a lengthy period of time in hospital, and left him at risk of falling. Hassan previously had his confidence further knocked when he’d been victim of a distraction burglary. This had understandably left Hassan fearful of living alone upon hospital discharge.

We could help…

The Hospital Discharge team looking after Hassan’s integration back home, referred him to Nottingham on Call as a trusted local service. We looked at Hassan’s history and knew that some additional levels of support could improve his confidence no end. We recommended our Support for Independence Package to him. This included a bogus caller alarm, smoke detector, falls monitor, bed sensor and a key safe.

This package met and addressed all of the worries Hassan had in returning home. Thanks to the package, Hassan has been able to maintain his independence at home and feels safe in the knowledge that he has a network of support who are just a phone call away should he ever need it.