Living alone

We see time and time again, how much of a worry living at home can be, for both individuals and their families.

Whether it’s because you’ve suffered a recent bereavement or you’re struggling with your health; there are a number of factors which can lead to feelings of vulnerability and isolation. Maintaining independence is at the heart of our work at Nottingham on Call. We have a range of equipment which can help those who are living alone, but with the added reassurance that help is close at hand.


Peter’s story

Peter enjoys living independently but has increasingly found that he is a little unsteady on his feet. He doesn’t have family living close by, and was concerned that in the event of an emergency he might not be able to get the help he needed. His family were also worried about him and were even considering moving in to live with him. Peter however, is a fiercely independent individual and wants to remain in his home, alone.

We could help…

In search of a solution which could support his current lifestyle; Peter heard about Nottingham on Call through a friend and got in touch. One of our friendly team members assessed Peter and provided him with both a lifeline and a falls detector.

Peter is now much more confident that he can remain in his home and is comfortable in the knowledge that help is available should he have a fall or get into difficulty. Peter’s family now also have the peace of mind that their father’s safety is being monitored and his independence maintained.


Jasper’s story

Jasper’s case came to Nottingham on Call, just after his wife had died. Jasper has Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) which restricts his mobility, and he had previously relied on his wife for support managing his medical needs.

Jasper was also both a smoker and reluctant to used central heating, which left him vulnerable to lung infections. Despite this situation, Jasper was still fiercely independent and wanted to continue living in his own home.

We could help…

Recognising that he would struggle to maintain his independence now that his wife had passed away, Jasper got in touch with Nottingham on Call. He received a full assessment of his needs, and we provided him with our tailored Secure at Home Package. Included in the package is a lifeline, smoke detector and an extreme temperature monitor – which raises an alert to our call centre should the temperature of Jasper’s home become dangerously warm or cold.

But our help didn’t end there. We were also able to put Jasper in contact with a range of other community organisations and local events, which have helped Jasper with his wider needs. These included avoiding the common problems of loneliness and isolation, as well as financial assistance and a benefits check, to make sure Jasper was receiving all the financial help that he was entitled to.

Thanks to this support, Jasper now feels happier, more confident and less isolated whilst retaining the independence he has learned to enjoy.