Living with a disability

For many people who are living with a disability, being able to live independently with minimum support is really important. We are able to offer and advise on a range of state-of-the-art equipment that can help to support independence and reduce the need for intrusive care services.

Grace’s story

Grace is a young adult who enjoys all the things every other young adult does, however, Grace suffers from both a physical condition and is profoundly deaf.

Grace is wheelchair dependent but lives in a specially adapted home which is great, because it means that she can manage her own personal care. Grace has one main concern, that if there was ever a fire in her home, there is no accessible way for her to alert the fire service.

We could help…

Our team were happy to address Grace’s concerns with her. We provided her with a lifeline which was linked to a smoke detector, alongside a pillow shaker and strobe, which would wake her in the case of an emergency.

Grace now enjoys her life at home with the added reassurance that she can continue living independently and should the worse happen, her home technology would awaken her.


Daksha’s story

Daksha is a young adult with a physical disability, who is living mostly independently at home. Unfortunately, Daksha has fallen several times, leaving her unable to get up from the floor on her own.

We could help…

Daksha’s situation was not uncommon, and our team were happy to make an assessment and offer our Safe at Home Package. This is an inclusive package specially designed for those who are vulnerable to falls. It includes a lifeline, fall detector, bed sensor and a key safe. This popular package has given Daksha much more confidence, alongside the peace of mind that, should she ever have a fall again, our team will be notified and summon immediate help. .


Heath’s story

Three-year-old Heath lives at home with his Mum. He’d had a brain tumour as a baby which has resulted in hydrocephalus and subsequent epilepsy, which has left Heath bed bound.

Heath’s Mum was devoted to doing all she could to support Heath living at home, with as little additional care or fuss as possible. Heath’s Mum was still worried about him having a seizure whilst she was out of the room, which made every-day tasks difficult and stressful.

We could help…

After assessing Heath’s needs, we were able to recommend a child’s epilepsy sensor. This is a device which is linked to a watch and care monitor and would alert Heath’s Mum in the event that he had a seizure.

Heath’s Mum now feels much more relaxed leaving Heath alone in his room for a period of time. She has added peace of mind knowing that she will be alerted the moment Heath has a seizure.