Living with dementia

Living with Dementia can be a stressful and a worrying experience for both the diagnosed individual and their family. Being able to continue living in a familiar environment can be hugely important to managing the progression of Dementia and getting the best quality of life outcomes for the individual and their families.

At Nottingham on Call, we can provide a variety of equipment that can help those living with Dementia to maintain their independence – providing reassurance to both them and loved ones alike.

John’s story

John suffers from Dementia and is taken care of primarily by his family. So that John can retain some independence, his family have created an annex for him at the bottom of the garden. This is an excellent arrangement and means that John is able to retain his independence, but can also receive help from his loved ones.

Unfortunately, there was an occasion where John became confused one night and wandered away from home without his family realising. His family decided to take it in turns to check on him during the night, however this ended up impacting on their sleep and still left them worrying about his safety.

We could help…

After finding out about Nottingham on Call online, a family member got in touch with us. John’s family were relieved to hear that we had experience in this kind of situation and they were not alone. One of our professional staff assessed John’s condition and the family’s lifestyle and created a tailored support package. The family took our advice and opted for a bed sensor and a movement sensor, that would alert John’s family if he was out of bed in the night. We also supplied a memory clock for John to have a visual reminder of the time and day, so that he was better equipped to judge this for himself.

John’s family can now sleep much easier knowing that they will be alerted if John gets up in the night, which has taken a huge weight off their shoulders. John also feels much more settled in the knowledge that he can easily tell the time of day which has reduced his confusion. Sometimes it can be very straightforward technologies which make a huge impact.

Petra’s story

Petra has Dementia and lives at home with her husband Geoff, who is her main carer.

Unfortunately, Petra’s condition was having an increasing impact on their lives, with daily tasks such as shopping and leaving his wife at home causing Geoff stress and concern. It was at this point that Geoff contacted Nottingham on Call.

We could help…

Our friendly team members were happy to visit Geoff and Petra to get a better idea of their lifestyle and the kind of support that they both might need. We recommended a lifeline, so that if Petra were ever to get in any difficulty when on her own, she would be able to get in touch with our team quickly and easily. Additionally, we recommended a memory clock, with a reminder function which prompted Petra to get herself a drink whilst Geoff was out of the house. This gave Geoff the peace of mind he needed to go about his daily tasks, in the knowledge that his wife was in safe hands should she need it. Petra also felt much more confident and independent, knowing that there was a support network available to her.