Risk of Falling

Falling is a very common issue for many people, with the risk usually arising from illness or limitation of physical capabilities. But in fact, the consequences of not being able to get assistance quickly after a fall, can often be far more severe than the fall itself.

Nottingham on Call have a specific Safe at Home Package of equipment designed for those who are at risk of falling. This is customisable with a range of other items to suit your requirements. These can help those at risk of a fall to keep their independence, as well as providing ongoing reassurance to both the individual and their loved ones.


Maggie’s story

Maggie has a history of falls. To maintain her safety, she lives at home with her family but as she couldn’t use the stairs, remained in the downstairs areas. However, the family were still left worrying about Maggie, particularly at night time when they were upstairs and wouldn’t know if Maggie ever had a fall getting out of bed. The worry meant that the family were suffering from lack of sleep.

We could help…

Maggie’s family got in touch with Nottingham on Call to see if there was anything we could do to alleviate some of the worry from their shoulders and make sure Maggie was safe. Following an assessment, we gave Maggie a bed set mat. This is linked to a pager which alerts the family should Maggie get out of bed in the night. The whole family now enjoy a much more restful nights’ sleep, safe in the knowledge that they can attend to Maggie’s needs if she does get out of bed and that this will drastically reduce the chances of her having a fall when she does.


Arthur’s story

Arthur suffered from what was a very traumatic experience. He’d fallen whilst getting out of bed and became trapped and unable to get up. He had remained on the floor for over a day, only to be found by his daughter, Jenny, after she became worried from not being able to contact him. This was a very upsetting experience for both Arthur and his family and left them wondering how they could avoid this situation ever happening again.

We could help…

After finding out about Nottingham on Call online, Jenny quickly got in touch with us. We were able to quickly put her mind at ease and let her know of the options available to her and her father. We offered Arthur our Safe at Home Package. This includes a falls detector, bed sensor and lifeline. Arthur, Jenny and the rest of the family now have the reassurance that if Arthur does ever have a fall again, help from Nottingham on Call will be easily accessible to him.