The Equipment

Supporting you to live a safer, happier and more independent lifestyle, Nottingham on Call uses the latest technology, to help manage any risks to your health or home environment.

Our equipment is:

  • Easily installed and discreet with little or no unsightly wiring
  • Designed to be as convenient to you as possible
  • Designed to put your most common everyday worries at ease.

Equipment linked to a Lifeline

The equipment can be purchased in packages or priced individually dependent on the combination of equipment.


What happens if I activate the device?

Once the device has been activated – (i.e. the emergency button has been pressed or a sensor has been triggered), our operators will:

  • Respond to your call and remain on the line with you until help arrives
  • Contact a family member
  • Contact emergency services or send our mobile responder if required

Our professional and caring staff will talk you through the stages of this while planning the package best able to support your independence and can adapt any predesignated responses to your wishes.

Our flexible range of technology includes:

Standard lifeline Care alarm equipment

The lifeline, is the equipment which enables you to get in touch for help if you need it.

GSM lifeline GSM care alarm image

The GSM lifeline is designed for those who do not have an existing phone line installed in their home. This runs off a mobile SIM card (supplied with the unit) and mains wall socket.

Pendant alarm Pendant image

An alarm that is worn around the neck or wrist of the individual at all times, making it a reliable option for many. Simply press the button to let Nottingham on Call know that help is needed. The pendant alarm is also available in a number of discreet designs, with some even looking like jewellery.

Easy Press Adaptor a picture of the easy press button adaptor

The easy press adaptor can be fixed on to any sized pendant to make it easier to press the call button. This is a great accessory for those who experience weakness in their hands which could lead them to have difficulty pressing the call button.

Key safe a picture of the key safe

The key safe is one of our most popular devices. This is a small box with a combination lock on it, in which a spare set of keys can be stored. Nottingham on Call’s key safes are the only key safe to be police approved and allow ease of access in an emergency situation.

Bogus Caller Alarm a picture of the bogus caller button

If an individual ever feels nervous or threatened when answering the door, pressing this device will alert Nottingham on Call, who will be able to listen in to the conversation and contact the police if necessary. This is designed to give greater confidence to those who are concerned about issues such as telephone scams or distraction burglaries.

Smoke Detector Smoke Alarm

This resembles a classic smoke detector, however if this alarm is activated this alerts Nottingham on Call who can take appropriate action. This is extremely useful for a number of circumstances, including: hearing impairments, limited mobility, concerns around memory loss

Carbon Monoxide Detector Carbon Monoxide Alarm image

This detects levels of Carbon Monoxide in the home, which can be emitted by cookers, gas fires, boilers, central heating systems and any other appliances which use gas. This is extremely useful for a number of circumstances, including: hearing impairments, limited mobility, concerns around memory loss.

Extreme Temperature Sensor Temperature extreme sensor

This will detect levels of heat or cold within a home. This can be very useful in the instances where an individual is forgetful and may forget to adjust their central heating or open a window during hot weather.

Bed Occupancy Sensor a picture of the bed sensor

This alerts when an individual has left and not returned to their bed. This can be useful for individuals who have problems getting out of bed unaided, for example, someone who may be susceptible to a fall. This reduces the need for individuals to be checked on repeatedly at night.

Chair Occupancy Sensor a picture of the chair sensor

Similar to the bed occupancy sensor, the chair occupancy sensor will alert Nottingham on Call when an individual leaves their chair and does not return within a set period of time. This can also link in with the bed occupancy sensor to trace when an individual is not in either their bed or their chair for a period of time. This makes it more likely that vulnerable individuals will get help quickly if they have fallen, become confused or become ill in any other way.

Falls Detector a picture of the fall detector

This item is designed to be worn on the wrist or belt and will detect if you have a fall and will automatically raise the alarm with Nottingham on Call.

Movement Sensor a picture of the movement sensor

These are sensors which are placed in carefully determined positions around the house, and are able to detect movement, or lack of movement within specified hours or timeframes. This means these can be programmed to take into account an individual’s daily routine and when and where they are likely to be up and about. If the normal activity isn’t recorded, then these will alert the necessary contacts.

Door Exit Sensor a picture of the door exit sensor

This sensor is designed for those who are likely to wander out of the house when it’s unsafe to do so. This includes those who are suffering from Dementia or other illnesses which lead them to be confused or those who have a learning disability.

Flood Detector Flood Detector image

This is placed on the floor in any area where water spillage is likely to happen. This can be useful for those who are likely to forget about a running tap.

Vibrating Pillow Alert a picture of the vibrating pillow alert

This device is placed under the pillow and is designed to vibrate and wake an individual under the necessary circumstances. This could include the activation of the fire alarm or carbon monoxide alarm, and for example can be of great comfort to those who are hard of hearing.

Flashing Strobe a picture of the flashing strobe alert

Similar to the vibrating pillow alert, this device is useful for individuals with a sensory impairment, such as those who are hard of hearing. Where they might not hear an alarm sounding, they would notice a strobe light and could act accordingly.


All of the items above can be linked to a pager instead of, or as well as, to Nottingham on Call. This is particularly useful for those purchasing bed, chair or movement sensors, but who do not wish to have a lifeline installed. This alerts the user to the activity of these sensors as stand alone items.

Standalone Equipment

We also have a range of equipment available that is not linked to Nottingham on Call but can also help you to live independently at home:

Night Light £12 a picture of the night light

Text: This is designed to assist those who may forget to turn a light on when getting out of bed at night, or may have difficulty in doing so. An in-built motion detector shines a bright light that will stay on for as long as it detects motion or will switch off after one minute.

Large Button Mobile Phone £112.30 a picture of the large button mobile phone

With four large buttons which can be set to auto-dial relatives and friends, this is a great alternative for those with manual dexterity issues wanting to feel in touch whilst living alone. It also comes equipped with an SOS button, which is useful for those who could be prone to falls, as pressing this will ring the next of kin.

Memory Clock £120 a picture of the memory clock

This is an easy to read digital clock, which can remind those with memory loss or suffering from Dementia when to carry out certain daily tasks, such as washing or taking medication.

Enuresis (moisture) Sensor (including pager) £93 Enuresis (moisture) sensor with the pager

An enuresis sensor is a moisture sensor, used to detect high levels of moisture in bed, including urine, sweat or vomit. This is incredibly useful as it means that individuals are able to have these issues dealt with quickly, and without constant overnight supervision.

Home Safety Alert £32.90 a picture of the home safety alert

This device is aimed at those who live with a family member or a carer. This has two features; a call button, which sends through a standard tone to the pager and is useful if the individual needs non-emergency assistance. The second feature is a panic button, which is for emergency use and will send a much louder and more noticeable alarm to alert the family member or carer appropriately.

Magi Plug £10.39 a picture of the Magi-plug

This is a very clever device designed for those who have Dementia or other memory problems. It will stop a sink or bath from overflowing and also has an in-built anti-scold system (changes colour when the water is too hot).

Door Bell Amplifier £29.25 a picture of the doorbell

This device is designed for those who may not hear or may forget that a doorbell has rung. The doorbell amplifier indicator will ring very loudly, and flash to let an individual know that there is someone at the door.

What if I don’t have a phone line installed in my home?

It’s very common that individuals don’t have an existing phone line installed at their home. In this case, we are able to install devices which run off a mobile SIM card. Please get in touch to find out more.